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Motivii helps managers lead effectively by letting them know how their team are doing & focusing them on what matters most.

Motivii's top features

Motivii Update

Weekly Update

The Update quickly captures employees’ highlights and challenges for the week, key priorities for the following week, and asks a few anonymous questions about how people are feeling at work.

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Motivii Objectives


All employees can enter and update their objectives in a clear, easy-to-understand way that aligns to company-wide goals & keeps their manager in the know.

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Motivi Reviews

Dynamic Reviews

Employees prepare for reviews in an simple flow that surfaces insight from weekly updates. This background helps managers & their teams have more productive development conversations.

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Motivii Insight

Insight for everyone

Get insight on how your team is doing, powered by the Motivii Update. This helps you spot trends and learn the best way to lead your team. Your team get insight on themselves too.

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Motivii 360 Feedback

360 feedback

Give & gather feedback in a simple and secure way. Ask classic 360 questions with our templates or build your own custom survey.

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People Analytics

Scan rich, anonymous data on how people feel across your company, customize your own pulse questions, and change other parts of the Motivii experience to suit the way your organization works.

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Manage yourself in a smarter way with self-reflection, objectives and management.

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Free for teams

Get 30 days free access to our ultimate manager team tool. With sharing, team analytics and more.

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