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Good managers lead, but they also listen, adapt and support. Good managers are on it, and their teams are on it too.

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Core features

Motivii enables managers to lead effectively by understanding what’s happening and focus their teams on what matters most.

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Weekly Update

The Weekly Update quickly captures employees’ highlights and challenges for the week, key priorities for the following week, and asks a few anonymous questions about how people are feeling at work.

Although this simple process takes just two minutes to complete, it helps individuals manage themselves better and gives managers insight that helps them lead their team.

“We love Motivii because it allows us to share our highs and lows in a really easy way.”
Carla Cringle it Founder FizzPopBANG

Objective management

Say hello to super simple objective management. With Motivii, employees update the status of their objectives at the end of each week, so are more aware of how they are doing at work.

Meanwhile automatic updates to managers allow them to offer their people in-the-moment support.

“Motivii delivers real benefits in terms of performance management and wellbeing.”
Jonathan Hollis, Scale Proposition Manager at PwC

Insight for everyone

Whether it’s their engagement levels or their motivation score, all employees have access to their own insight. That way they can spot trends, remember what’s happened, and improve over time.

With three or more people in a team, managers get grouped anonymous insight on how their team is doing

“Using Motivii is a great way to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to how our employees are feeling at work.”
Mapara Syed Fernandez, Head of People and Culture at Talon Outdoor
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A good review is everything. Motivii makes yours a great experience by presenting data collected by the Motivii Update over time in a simple to understand format.

That means no forgetting what’s happened, no breakdown in communication, and no surprises.

“Motivii is really useful for 1:1s and appraisals, because managers can look back and see what’s been going on each week.”
Alex Buckingham, Customer Experience Manager at Semta
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360 feedback

Give feedback in a simple, secure way with Motivii’s feedback tool.

Whether you want to ask classic 360 feedback questions, ask what people thought of your presentation or gather ideas for an office party, Motivii has you covered.

Just Media
“Motivii has empowered managers to have more meaningful and personal communication with employees.”
Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media

People Analytics

People Analytics is an exclusive tool for enterprise clients.

Scan rich, anonymous data on how people feel at work, customize your own pulse questions, and change other parts of the Motivii experience to suit the way you work.

It’s all part of making work better.

Benchmark how your organization is performing against our global average, identify how to better retain talent and understand how your people feel in real-time.

“Since we began using Motivii, we’ve seen a 15-point improvement to our net promoter scores and an 8% improvement to our engagement score.”
Matt Elliott, Project Manager, RBS

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