360 Feedback

Encourage your team’s personal development with our super simple 360 feedback tool. Use one of our templates, or build your own custom survey.

360 Feedback

How this helps teams

360 feedback is a great way of getting everyone to work together on their development.

Take the complexity out of organising and gathering feedback from your team with our simple 360 survey builder. Or just use one of our pre-built templates. Whichever works best for you.

“Sharing the Motivii summary across the team is a great way of connecting with where everyone is.”
Joe Voeckler, Head of Executive Recruitment, GSK

How this helps managers

Build a culture of feedback in your team with our super simple 360 feedback tool.

Just build a survey & share it with your team to gather rich feedback on what matters most. Motivii takes the hassle out of 360s, so you’re left with exactly what you want: valuable & actionable feedback.

Plus Peter
“Motivii helped managers and their teams communicate more, and plan projects’ timescales in a more collaborative way.”
Cecil von Croy, CEO at PlusPeter

How this helps companies

Nothing runs better than a organization where people are used to giving and receiving open & honest feedback.

Build & manage 360 survey templates centrally, or use one of our templates. Either way, our simple tool will help your employees contribute to each others’ development.

Just Media
“Motivii has empowered managers to have more meaningful and personal communication with employees.”
Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media
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