The Motivii Update powers rich weekly insight on how your team are doing over time. Insight on motivation, engagement and specific answers to questions helps managers understand how they can lead their team most effectively.


How this helps teams

Motivii gives everyone insight to help them know how they’re doing at work, and where they could do better. Meanwhile, inline tips give employees the pointers they need to improve.

With Motivii, everyone reflects more on when they’re working at their best.

“Motivii's weekly update has helped us build a culture which encourages people to share how they feel and give feedback.”
Andy Cockburn, co-founder & CEO at Mention Me

How this helps managers

With so much to do, it’s difficult to know how your team are getting on.

View weekly insight on motivation & engagement over time, so you know how to lead your team effectively when it matters most.

All this insight is gathered in the background, all your team need to do is complete their update.

“Using Motivii is a great way to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to how our employees are feeling at work.”
Mapara Syed Fernandez, Head of People and Culture at Talon Outdoor

How this helps companies

Make work better by giving everyone the insights they need to lead & manage themself better. View engagement and motivation by team across your company, as well as aggregated insights for everyone that reports into you.

Meanwhile, everyone benefits from tips based on their results.

For more advanced analytics, take a look at
People Analytics.

Just Media
“Motivii has been a powerful tool for our organization during at time of hyper-growth.”
Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media
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