Say hello to super simple objective management. With Motivii, employees are reminded to update the status of their objectives, so they reflect more on how they’re doing at work.


How this helps teams

Your team shares and updates their objectives in a clear, easy-to-understand way that aligns to company-wide goals.

Motivii then reminds your team to update the status of their objectives at the end of their weekly update to encourage everyone to reflect more on longer-term goals.

NBC Universal
“Motivii has enabled me to replace weekly meetings with monthly catch-ups and save 3½ hours per week.”
James Patterson, VP, Cable Entertainment Technology, NBCUniversal

How this helps managers

Add objectives for your team, comment on active objectives and align goals to company-wide goals.

No clunky controls & no guesswork. Just simple, long-term goals, presented as they should be.

LLoyds Bank
“I can think of several times this year that Motivii has made me a better manager.”
Harry Matthews, Head of Conversion Marketing at Lloyds Bank

How this helps companies

Don’t ‘sort-of’ do objectives where you work, do them right. Keep teams on track and aligned to company goals with simple objective management.

No more losing sight of what’s important. Just 20:20 vision for managers and teams.

“Objectives are a really, really useful way to bring personal goals and ambitions in line with what the team is working on.”
Matt Elliott, Project Manager, RBS
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Manage yourself in a smarter way with self-reflection, objectives and management.

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