Reviews shouldn’t be hard. We make yours a great experience by prompting your team to reflect & by showing you what’s happened over the past quarter & giving your direct reports a smart way to prepare.


How this helps teams

No more shooting from the hip. Your team prepare properly for reviews by going through a simple flow that surfaces insight from their weekly update.

By looking back at what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well, and future objectives, everyone’s on the same page.

“Motivii is really useful for 1:1s and appraisals, because managers can look back and see what’s been going on each week.”
Alex Buckingham, Customer Experience Manager at Semta

How this helps managers

Have more productive and meaningful reviews by going over your team’s review prep before you sit down together.

This helps you cover everything that’s important, and means you’re both on the same page going into the conversation.

“Although I knew my team were on track with tasks, without Motivii, the reason behind their performance wasn’t regularly explored.”
Laila Iftikhar, Change Director at Adecco

How this helps companies

Motivii helps everyone remember what’s happened with relevant insight from the past quarter, and prepares direct reports for their development conversation with an update-like flow.

This improves the quality of conversation, and the connection between managers and their direct reports, which means employees stick around longer.

“Motivii delivers real benefits in terms of performance management and wellbeing.”
Jonathan Hollis, Scale Proposition Manager at PwC
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