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Motivii in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Give fast feedback

At the heart of Motivii, employees complete an end-of-week update that combines performance management and pulse questions in a quick and easy flow.

REaD Group
“Motivii helped us become more aware of what colleagues are working on. That enabled teams to collaborate and led to a quick series of client wins.”
Scott Logie, MD at REaD Group
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Step 2

Manage better

This simple process encourages individuals to manage themselves better and enables managers to lead effectively by understanding what’s happening, and by focusing their teams on what matters most.

“Motivii's weekly update has helped us build a culture which encourages people to share how they feel and give feedback.”
Andy Cockburn, co-founder & CEO at Mention Me
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Step 3

Make work better

With built in objective setting, instant reviews, auto questions and insight on engagement, sentiment and motivation; Motivii is the fast feedback platform that enables organisations, managers and teams to work at their best.

Just Media
“Motivii has empowered managers to have more meaningful and personal communication with employees.”
Brandon Friesen, CEO, Just Media

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