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Motivii helps you manage your team in a smart and simple way.

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Get your team thinking fast and slow.

Motivii helps you save time, boost performance and improve engagement. We do this by getting your team to think fast and slow.

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Weekly Feedback

At the end of each week employees instinctively capture how they’re doing, what they’re working on next, and answer a few anonymous questions about work.

This helps employees manage themselves better and saves managers time chasing feedback, helping them kickstart each week and improve things quicker.

We call this fast thinking.

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Develop your people

Motivii encourages each employee to better manage their own development with smart reviews.

We do this by asking them a few key questions and supporting reflection with insight gathered from their weekly updates.

By considering their own development and sharing this prep with their manager, Motivii makes sure your reviews are productive and meaningful.

We call this slow thinking.

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Manage yourself in a smarter way with self-reflection, objectives and management.

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