Can you measure the impact of employee benefits?

In a sea of Employee Benefits providers at recent conference in London (EB Connect) you would think that a smart engagement platform such as Motivii would be somewhat out of place? Motivii does not provide employees with reasonably priced cars, health care insurance, a gym pass or other “employee benefits”.

So why did we attend? What connects Motivii with Employee Benefits providers such as Tusker, GymPass and Vitality?

Ultimately benefits are given to employees to make them feel more valued, add additional perks to the role, motivate people to work harder, stay with the company longer and improve productivity. However, with all the benefits that a modern employee get, measuring the impact these benefits is a nightmare; especially when different benefits motivate different employees in different ways.  One size does not fit all, and so far there has been no way to measure what “fits” different types of employees. Stereotypically, Millennials may be more interested in a gym pass and a TasteCard, whereas baby boomers might be more geared towards smart eye care and private health care. How can employers know what suits their employees without measuring this?

This is where a bit like Google Analytics measuring digital marketing, Motivii could help measure the impact that these benefits have on employees.

Our solution is simple: to understand the effect of benefits you have to ask your employees about them: frequently and in a democratic way.

This can’t be done through a show of hands or a flimsy survey question but rather there needs to be a smart automated ‘continuous listening process’ that can track impact engagement and motivation over time.

At Motivii, we can map and monitor the impact of employee benefits through encouraging employees to complete a weekly review, where they log in their motivation and focus levels for the week. They are asked what their top 3 highlights and challenges were and what they want to focus on the next week. Similarly they answer 2-3 pulse questions each week that are inspired by Gallup and Great Place to Work questions.

Organisations can add custom questions, such as “what do you think of benefit X?” or “what benefits would you like to see?” But, importantly, Motivii provides you with a platform where you can understand the impact that the benefit has on employees by looking at sentiment, engagement, word cloud analysis around the time of implementing the benefit.

Importantly this integrated smart engagement platform allows companies to monitor over time how their teams are doing before and after employee benefits have been implemented with very little admin or having to “send out a survey”.

We are excited to be working with a few of these benefits providers and their clients to better quantify what benefits have the maximum impact on your employees. Our suggestion is that organisations need to not just look at the benefit but also how they measure the impact of that benefit. Similarly we see a future where benefits providers can show future prospects the measurable impact of their particular service.

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