How classic marketing helped us change our navigation

I find it interesting that some of the old classic marketing concepts still hold true today in this modern digital age, just as when they were first created.

One of those is Marketing Myopia which I learned back at Uni (a long time ago!). Marketing Myopia was a term coined by Theodore Levitt for Harvard Business Review in the 1960’s. Essentially it was around how marketing fails when businesses focus on the features of the product opposed to promoting the benefits.

Some companies excel at getting across the benifit message (hello Apple), others don’t!  Having learned about it, progressed in my career, even lectured clients about it, I was shocked when I caught myself being myopic with my own product.

It’s all about the benefits and how it makes you feel, not the features!

Motivii has progressed from a simple mobile app, to a comprehensive platform that allows individuals to better connect at work, manage their objectives, have better reviews and much, much more. However, by the start of this year we realised that we had a problem. The mistake we made was to structure the product linked to the features, and your role in an organisation, opposed to the benefits for you as a manager or an employee.  For example, to access some of our features you had to click into Me or My Team in the Motivii navigation, before being given access to tools that were repeated in both areas… everything felt a bit buried.  

At the start of the year we were running lots of internal brainstorming and talking to clients about how they benefited from using Motivii. This was when we realised, in what only can be described as a lightbulb moment, that we essentially helped employees record how they feel at work, connect and have better meetings and one-to-one conversations or learn overtime how they, their team or organisation feel, giving them perspective on what to improve and change.  We kept going back to how we could get these three elements and their connected tools clearly into the product. Then the light bulb moment hit… why don’t we just make this our navigation!

This week I’m very excited to announce that after a huge effort by the team (thank you) we are ready to launch our brand new navigation. Record, Connect and Learn on

Already from getting feedback from clients we can see this this makes a tangible difference. Our next plan is to update our native mobile apps with the same navigation structure and then expand this new approach.  

This whole experience reminds me to always put the customer at the heart of what you do and describe the product in a way that makes sense to them, not to yourself. Plus some of the old classic marketing principles still hold true and you should always practice what you preach 😊.


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