Part 2: How has Motivii helped me with my manager?

Often relationships between employees and managers can be pretty 2-D. Conversations that ever get past work related things happen in the pub after work.

At times the pub, is not the best place to talk about things when you are struggling with something outside of work or a relationship within work.

When you do have a problem that you can’t ignore, the only avenue of discussion is to book a private meeting with your manager or with HR,  which can feel overtly formal as well as intimidating.

I choose to express any problems or struggles that I am having in and outside of work in my Top3 challenges for the week. These get sent to my line-manager (who happens to also be my boss), Eamon can take note of it and schedule the meeting with me.

This takes the pressure off both him ( because he doesn’t have to use guesswork to know f something is wrong/ going well) and me because I have a clear way of expressing that something isn’t right bypassing coarse formalities.

As an apparent “Millennial”  I feel I can relate to Gallup’s How Millennials Want to Live and Work report which found that performance management and a constant focus on regular feedback is a huge contributor and pays large dividends in engagement and performance.

I think that at times managers don’t know the questions to ask if there aren’t avenues for employees to express what’s going well or what is going wrong as well. Likewise frequent form of feedback not only benefits my company because they know what is going on but also it helps me to feel  engaged with my work and allows me to feedback how I am doing and what I have been up to…


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