How Motivii has helped me as an employee?

At Motivii we are big believers in using our own product to get through things that are affecting us, either personally or as a team. One of the reasons why we do what we do, is because we believe in the utility and necessity of the product.

We say that we like “to drink our own champagne”

We test the new features on ourselves and as a team are constantly coming up with ideas to improve things, that will help us in our meetings or in our relationships with one another.

We are engaged in thinking about how we can make work better for ourselves. We couldn’t build, sell, or market a product about work that we didn’t believe in.

Likewise, things don’t always go smoothly in our office but generally we see conflict and discussion as an innovative driver. Sometimes heated conversations have turned into a completely new navigation system for our website and app or a complete overhaul of the product.

So, as a “millennial” marketing/ client services executive: how has it helped me?

Motivii has helped me structure my weeks, helping me plan in terms of focus but also allowing me to reflect mentally. This means that I don’t stray off course or rush into things.

Sometimes I can be all over the place with what I am doing at work. It can feel like we are moving from one train carriage to the next, sleepwalking through work. As soon as i’ve done one thing and completed it I’m onto the next. I don’t remember to sit down and consider what I have been doing and how well it has gone. This means that I don’t ask myself if things were a success or if things could have gone better.

With Motivii, i have the chance to train my mind to think in a more lateral sense about what I have been up to to train my focus. This allows me to look to the future whilst taking time to categorise and download the past.