Brexit and how real time staff feedback can help the future roller coaster ahead

FlagSo it is the talk of the town, country and global markets – Britain leaving the EU. What does it mean for business, jobs and the future of work in the UK?  Who knows? The only thing we do know is that we are going to be in for a period of uncertainty.

I heard entrepreneur and investor Jon Bradford say that he’s “seen and heard more interesting debate in the last 2 days than the last 2 decades.” And it’s true. Debate is good, no matter what side of the fence you are on, debate and feedback leads to agreement in new direction. It’s just a shame sometimes that it takes such a big thing to shock people into action.

Many employees are worried what this new direction means for their jobs. Managers are worried about what it means for their teams. Organisations are concerned about what this means for the future of their business. So how do we manage these worries?

Apathy is not the answer. The solution I believe in is to keep talking, keep giving feedback and ensure that each of us participates in making things better. If we are not part of this conversation then we run the risk of other people setting the agenda for us.

One of the reasons I founded Motivii was to encourage staff to constantly feedback about how they felt at work, to encourage managers to get information on their team so they could better support them and to help organisations improve work by better understanding how their staff are feeling in real time.

I’m positive that by encouraging continuous feedback, we can help not only make work better but also help our country head in the right direction.