Wellbeing Tips

Wellbeing Tips

For yourself

Both the mind and body need to be looked after at work. Increased wellbeing leads to increased productivity, financial performance and job satisfaction. Here are some top tips to boost wellbeing for yourself:

  • Drink lots of water: Water is the key to a healthy mind and body. Make sure you drink enough and you have access to it at work. Get into the habit of having a glass or bottle at your desk at all times – you’ll find yourself naturally sipping it throughout the day.
  • Stay away from public transport: A recent ONS report revealed that almost every measure of our personal well-being decreases with each successive minute of travelling by public transport, except for levels of anxiety which increase with every minute. So, if you can, opt for a bike, or your own feet, as as your preferred method of travelling to work.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle: Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a key element in improving your workplace wellbeing. Begin to log which foods affect your productivity. For example, if you’ve got a busy afternoon a heavy lunch probably isn’t the best option. Nor is skipping it completely. Understand yourself and find balance.
  • Make an effort with colleagues: Forming and maintaining a healthy relationship with colleagues is very important. Even if some days you feel like zoning out making an effort with colleagues is likely to improve your mood. Think of ways you can help them at work. Are they stressed and over-worked but you have plenty of time on your hands? Help them out, and they are likely to reciprocate this back. Little things like this will deepen the relationships between yourself and your colleagues.
  • Get walking: It’s proven by science that we are only able to concentrate for short periods of time. So every half hour to an hour, get up, stand up, do some stretches or go on a brief walk if you can. It will increase blood flow to your brain, so upon return you’ll be more productive.

For managers

The wellbeing of your team goes hand in hand with the level of productivity that your team is achieving. Employees with a healthy mind and body are key to success within your team, so here are some tips to boost your team’s well-being:

  • Feedback regularly: When staff feel involved and well informed about what’s happening in the organisation, it increases motivation and helps people understand how their role fits into the bigger picture. A culture of openness will boost employees motivation and will encourage them to turn to you in case they have any concerns over their wellbeing as well.
  • Adopt the ‘flexible working’ craze: Giving employees flexibility around how they work can be a key motivator, and it is something that costs very little to implement but has huge benefits. Allowing them to choose their work hours, or even allowing early finishes on a Friday is a great way of boosting motivation and general well being in the office. Your company culture will improve too.
  • Make the office a nice space: Allow employees to decorate their desk in any way they like, so it feels more homely for them. For the office in general, get to know your colours. Studies have shown that specific colours even help some chronic illnesses in minute ways. Orange is seen as a happy colour, but only in small amounts. Blues and greens may help to subdue stress. And whilst yellow is often perceived a happy colour, bright yellows should be avoided in places where you spend a lot of time i.e. the office.
  • Organise group exercise: It’s fun when you do it together, plus it’s a great way of team building. Get a ping pong ladder going, or challenge each other to a game of football. If you have the facilities, organise a weekly yoga class that employees can attend. You’ll get fit together, but you’ll also foster deeper relationships between your team which will help other things like employee retention and job satisfaction.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle: Help your employees to be the healthiest version of themselves. Swap vending machines for free fruit and provide water dispensers where you can. You could even post healthy recipes in your company intranet and newsletter or offer discounted membership at the local gym.