Weekly Update

The Weekly Update helps your team work at their best. The Update quickly captures everyone’s highlights, challenges & key priorities, then asks a few anonymous questions to help you understand where to improve.

Motivii Update

How the Weekly Update helps teams

The Weekly Update helps everyone give regular feedback, reflect on the past week, and plan for the week ahead.

Over time Motivii quickly becomes your team’s best habit. Employees begin to think more about how they’re doing at work, and giving feedback to their manager becomes second nature.

“Motivii helps me plan my weekly tasks and monitor how I’m doing over time.”
Akash Singh, People Services at Sage

How this helps managers

The Update quickly captures employees’ highlights and challenges for the week, key priorities for the following week, and asks a few anonymous questions about how people are feeling at work.

This gives them the insight managers need to quickly make impactful changes.

“We love Motivii because it allows us to share our highs and lows in a really easy way.”
Carla Cringle it Founder FizzPopBANG

How this helps companies

Motivii’s simple update helps everyone work at their best.

Improved communication with their teams helps managers offer focus and support, which has massive benefits for productivity and retention.

“Sharing the Motivii summary across the team is a great way of connecting with where everyone is.”
Joe Voeckler, Head of Executive Recruitment, GSK
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