Make work better for everyone

It’s hard being a manager, so we’ve created some quick and easy tools that make work better for you and your team.

Save Time

Save time chasing feedback

Say goodbye to chasing your team for feedback and what they are working on.

Motivii automatically gathers weekly feedback from your direct reports which takes them less than 2 mins to complete.

This is delivered straight to your inbox and is also accessible from your Motivii account.

Top3 feedback

Boost performance & efficiency

Motivii’s micro Weekly Review has been designed to help employees improve their own performance and update their manager quickly.

This process drives powerful analytics and features for both employees and managers helping save time, improve performance and remove the subjectivity around work reviews.

On average it takes employees less than 2min to complete each week.

Weekly Review
Save Time

Kick start each week

Say goodbye to lack of preparation for your weekly team meeting.

Motivii helps you kick start the week by automatically showing you what each member of your team’s focus for the week is, plus what their highlights and challenges were for the previous week.

Use this information to amplify conversations and save having to prepare first thing on a Monday.

See how Motivii helps kick start your week

Understand your team with real data

No longer rely on guesswork when assessing how your team are doing.

Access your manager dashboard and use real time data and insight to spot areas for improvement, for both yourself and your team. Each employee can also access their own dashboard.

As a manager you can never see individual answers to questions or motivation.

Read our employee promise.

Team Insight
"Motivii enables conversations that wouldn't happen face to face"

Alistair Adams - Lloyds Bank